Friday, April 16, 2010

A Big Boost

As the Energy were putting together the roster this year there was going to be one notable absence that was bound to disappoint Edmonton basketball fans. Andrew Parker had signed with a team just outside of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil and would be gone through the summer missing the 2010 season for the Edmonton Energy.

AGP, as he is known, won over fans with his electrifying dunks and relentless effort. Andrew was always the first to get the fans on their feet at every Energy game. His absence was bound to be noticed.

This past week, after suffering a minor injury in Brazil, AGP announced that he would be coming home and be able to play for the Energy this season.

"Brazil was absoluetly amazing, the fans welcomed me and made me feel at home instantly" said Andrew of his time in Brazil, "my first point was a monster put back dunk on a guy and in my first game I played ten minutes and had 10 points, 6 rebounds, 3 steals and 3 assists." Andrew had the opportunity to play with and against the best Brazil had to offer including Joe Addai, whose brother Joseph plays for the Indianapolis Colts of the NFL.

But when it comes to playing at home in Edmonton for Andrew Parker there is nothing that compares.

"My mom (Claudia Parker) is here and she´s my best friend and greatest supporter, so I love playing in front of her and her seeing play ball professionally live and in the flesh. My family is here, my best friends are here, my community is here, and I love that people here know me and see me as Andrew that kid from M.E lazerte high school, North Edmonton, that was just like them and grinded with them until he got to the pro level and made it."

"One thing Edmonton truly appreciates is a real underdog story, and I really respect and love my city, Every time I am in the north side or any side of the city for that matter the love is incredible, and it's mutual, I love playing in front of my friends and family and playing professional at the same time, its truly a blessing."

Andrew is a great teammate and hopes to contribute to all aspects of the game for the Energy this season.

"I am a team player I will make sacrifices to help our team win, I can score, rebound, play defense, hussle, whatever coach needs me to do I will do. Last year JR (Patrick) and I told each other that we would do everything to help this team get back to championship level and thats what we intend on doing."

Along with Andrew, the Energy will feature 2 other successful Edmontonians; JR Patrick and Steve Sir.

"I Cant say enough about JR Patrick" said Andrew "He's my best friend on the team. JR is a born leader"

"Steve Sir is the greatest shooter I have ever seen, I think he is the best shooter in Canada, period, he's that good."

As close knit as the homegrown players are on the team, Andrew recognizes the outstanding contributions that the guys who come from afar make to the goals that the Energy have.

"Lee Scruggs is the best post player I have ever played with, just talented beyond belief, there's a reason he played for Georgetown. Will Funn is the most impressive point guard I have played with at the Pro level. Everyone on the team contributes and everyone on the team pulls for one another, its truly a joy to play with all of these guys again."

The Energy have experienced tremendous success for an expansion franchise, winning their division in their first season and if not for a hot shooting night by one player in their playoff match up they could be holding a championship trophy. As great as the on court accomplishments are, the Energy look to contribute to the community in other ways as well.

Andrew recalls a visit to his old stomping grounds -

"JR and I went to the M.E Lazerte Pep Rally and the kids started chanting AGP, all of them, they were wilding out, it was amazing, the whole gym was rocking, I thought I was in high school again!"

The Energy hope to be out to many schools this year to promote the game of basketball, getting a solid education and working hard at all you do!

Get ready to see Andrew Parker and the rest of the Energy May 7th, 8th and 9th as they take on the LA Lightning and their 6 former NBA'ers!


  1. rock!


  3. Agp is the man, Edmonton Energy championship run 2010!!!!!!!!!!!



  6. AGp is the man, Hes from my Neigborhood in Northside, Boogie downs, BIggup Northside BAllers, Biggup AGP and the movement, Great player and even Better Person